LU Site Person In Charge

Qualified and Certificated Site Person in Charge (SPC) required for LU projects

As a Site Person in Charge (SPC) on LU Infrastructure, you may be working in:
• Engineering Hours
• Traffic Hours
• depot and stabling sidings
• a possession worksite
• Specified Areas (SA)
• Engineers Current Areas (ECA).

The Site Person in Charge (SPC) can be identified onsite with a SPC armband worn on the left arm

A Site Person in CHarge (SPC) must be appointed when there are three or more people working in a group on the operational railway, carrying out or preparing to carry out maintenance or renewal work, or undertake inspections prior to work. If you are working alone and a part of your activity involves storing material, planned general inspections, safety surveys or safety tours you will need to be a Site Person in Charge

The following work can be carried out without a Site Person in Charge :
• routine work on stations or trains by uniformed operational staff
• station cleaning
• vending machine servicing
• work on trains by technical staff or cleaning contractors.

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