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Staff Learning and Development Policy

Policy Aims & Objectives

Atom Services Ltd recognises that staff development and learning is an integral part of the organisation’s strategic planning. The training and development of staff is key to the continual growth of the organisation. Atom Services Ltd will constantly seek to improve the opportunities available to enable staff to reach their full potential.


The central aim is therefore to provide an environment where continuous development can take place to equip staff with the knowledge, skills, competence and confidence required to meet job objectives which, in turn, will ensure the company objectives are fulfilled. 


Equal Opportunities

Atom Services Ltd is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all staff. We aim to create an environment that respects the wide diversity of our staff and enables them to achieve their full potential, to contribute fully and to derive maximum benefit from their employment with the organisation. We also recognise that such development is a continuing process for every employee at every level of the organisation.


Induction Training

An induction programme helps new staff to familiarise themselves with the organisation and to become more quickly at ease in a new work environment.

All new staff will take part in an induction programme including an introduction to our mission, goals and targets, equal opportunities policy, working practices and procedures. Coaching in immediate work processes and tasks and for inducting new staff into the organisation will be the responsibility of the appropriate line manager or supervisor.


Progression Training


Atom services have made a commitment to invest in our staff. We will actively encourage the progression of every staff member in order for full potentials in all capabilities and skill sets to be achieved. 


Recording, Monitoring and Evaluation


The Managing Director has responsibility for ensuring that clear procedures are in place for recording, monitoring and evaluating learning needs and training activities. The Operations Manager will ensure that the procedures are followed and that


Learning and training is monitored, the outcomes and effectiveness of the training are fully discussed and recorded. Records kept are the Skills Matrix and Training matrix for recertification dates. These records will be monitored and maintained by the administration staff to provide a clear record of learning and training activities for annual review and evaluation.


Annual Learning Plan and Budget


An Annual Learning Needs and Training Activities Plan is developed at the annual management meeting. The development of the annual plan will be initiated by the Operations Manager in consultation with the relevant line managers and the Atom Services Director. The plan will include areas of learning development specified in a Strategic Plan and learning needs identified by individuals, teams and staff groups.


Atom Services will always aspire to make budgetary decisions about training in the context of overall company finances but the have made a public commitment to investing in its people and will ensure wherever possible sufficient funding is made according to the needs identified.