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Equal Opportunity Policy

The following is a statement of the requirements of the law and company policy with regard to diversity and equal opportunity in employment matters.


Equal opportunity is incorporated in the following Acts: Race Relations Act 1976 (Amended 2000); Sex Discrimination Act 1975.


Our Commitment:

ATOM SERVICES LTD is proud to be a multi-cultural establishment. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity within an inclusive and supportive environment.

In particular, we will: -


  • ensure that all individuals are treated fairly,
  • ensure that any opportunities we provide are open to all;
  • promote diversity by recognising the particular contributions that can be made by those with different backgrounds and experiences;
  • strive to make sure that our clients meet their own diversity targets.


ATOM SERVICES LTD unreservedly supports the principle of diversity and equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination towards employees, candidates, customers and suppliers on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, nationality, gender, marital, parental or civil partnership status, pregnancy, HIV status, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and political belief or membership or non-membership of a Trade Union or spent convictions and places an obligation upon all staff to respect and act in accordance with the policy.


The policy will be reviewed annually to judge its effectiveness and reflect changes in the law, demographics and internal business requirements.


Our Diversity Ethos

We value the differences that a diverse workforce can bring to our organisation. We understand that an employee and candidate community that draws upon a variety of backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experience is crucial to the

resourcefulness and innovation we need to drive our business forward. We understand that diversity brings positive benefits that will improve and strengthen our business. We are serious about being customer-driven and

recognise that this can only be achieved by being fair employers and business people. We strive to build a culture that values openness, fairness and transparency.



It is the responsibility of ATOM SERVICES LTD to promote equality of opportunity and diversity in employment and to monitor the implementation of this policy.


The Managing Director is ATOM SERVICES LTD’s senior level diversity and equal opportunities champion and as such is, on behalf of ATOM SERVICES LTD, the individual responsible for the effective operation of the policy.


A copy of our Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy is available in ATOM SERVICES LTD’s Employee Handbook and displayed on the staff notice board.  Atom services ltd will ensure that the policy is effectively communicated during induction, regular toolbox talks and that proper training and guidance is given to ensure that everyone fully understands their responsibilities as set out both in the policy and the legislations. All employees have a responsibility to observe this policy and to ensure that diversity management and equality of opportunity is continuously provided for in ATOM SERVICES LTDs activities.

In addition, managers have a particular responsibility for ensuring the policy is fairly and consistently applied in all areas under their control.


Areas covered by the policy (Recruitment Code of Practice):


  • ATOM SERVICES LTD will avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, opportunities for training, pay and benefits, discipline and selection for redundancy;
  • ATOM SERVICES LTD is responsible for ensuring that no employee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment and that no employee or job applicant is placed at a disadvantage by requirements that are either directly or indirectly discriminatory;
  • ATOM SERVICES LTD has an open recruitment policy and uses a wide range of different attraction methods e.g. Internet, ATOM SERVICES LTD will utilise JobCentre Plus and, wherever possible recruit from the local community;
  • ATOM SERVICES LTD exercise proactivity in diverse markets by using publications targeted at a range of ethnic groups and by aiming to advertise in areas of the community where ethnic minorities live;
  • All ATOM SERVICES LTD employees required to select staff/progress candidate applications undergo appropriate training in Interview, Selection and Recruitment techniques;
  • Application forms and interview records must be kept as required through legislation after the completion of a recruitment operation to ensure a detailed response can be given to those unsuccessful candidates who challenge the fairness and objectivity of the recruitment process;
  • ATOM SERVICES LTD will monitor the ethnic and gender composition of the existing workforce and of applicants for jobs (including promotion), and the number of people with disabilities within these groups, and will consider and take any appropriate action to address any problems that may be identified as a result of the monitoring process.



It is illegal to discriminate on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, age or sex in any of the following:  job advertisements; selection; access to opportunities for promotion, transfer and training, salary or to any other benefits, facilities or services.  The law is supplemented by Codes of Practice on Equality of Opportunity and Race Relations.  Whilst these are not legally binding, any claim of discrimination, which is taken by an employee to an Employment Tribunal, will be considered in the light of the recommendations contained in those Codes.


It is Company policy to implement actively the provisions of the law and the Codes of practice, i.e. not to discriminate, and to provide equal opportunities to all employees irrespective of race, colour, sex, religion, age or disability.  All employees, whether or not in positions of managerial responsibility have an obligation to assist the Company in effectively carrying out this policy.  Disciplinary action will be taken wherever it is found that an employee is deliberately discriminating, or influencing others to discriminate, directly or indirectly, against a person in connection with matters covered by the relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.


Guidance on all aspects of the law and associated Codes of Practice can be obtained from a Director. The Directors have a particular responsibility for ensuring that all employees under their control are aware of their responsibilities.